A little token of appreciation on our behalf.....

At The Sydney Flamenco Studio, we know that we would not be here without all of your support - the support of our unconditional flamenco family! As a little token of appreciation we would like to invite you to take part in a 2 day workshop in September.

The workshop will be imparted by Elena Salerno, a WAAPA (Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts) dance alum who is currently majoring in ballet but focusing on flamenco as her specialty. Her main focus in dance and what she will be highlighting in the workshop, is how to use her strong ballet base and technique to assist in her flamenco work. This is VERY beneficial to us as we not only dance flamenco....we dance!!! 

Focus of the workshop:

  • body lines, 
  • posture, 
  • dance travel 
  • arms and more

General Info:

  • Classes will take place by show of interest over 2 consecutive Fridays 
    • 16 & 23 of September.
  • Expression of interest
    • pop your name on the list at the tea table
  • Get in quick! Remember we can only have 16 people per class


Manuel Betanzos Tour 2016!


Manuel Betanzos Tour 2016!

Our little home is now up and running and most importantly alive with the sound of our zapateado!! We are two weeks into class and we are already going full-steam ahead with everyone finding their flamenco groove! 

To make us even stronger, in collaboration with The Sydney Flamenco Studio, Manuel Betanzos is back in Sydney this May to sharpen and refine our art and submerge us into his world - a world full of Andalusian flamenco feeling!!

Manuel will be a major influence in your flamenco development with growth and understanding evident in class after one or more of his workshops. We have proof of this each and every year when you guys are back in your regular classes with a new spring to your step and that extra bit of flamenco magic.

I'm already planning catch-up classes if the majority of our groups participate in the workshops which means that we will have ample time to put our new found knowledge to the test! 

Don't miss out on the Early Bird specials which are available till May 8 via the button below.

Come on mi gente bella! Join me and the rest of our school in this amazing adventure and let's keep dreaming with our bodies!

Manuel Betanzos Australian Tour 2016




More than happy to announce that our classes are re-staring in our NEW STUDIO: 122 Abercrombie St. Chippendale, 2008. NSW.
Enormous thanks to all people involved and all those who made our Kickstarter Campaign successful!!! Soon I'll be sharing all supporters names, as promised.

Classes starting on April, MONDAY 18th.
Updated timetable  available already!!!

Lots of love to everyone and lets keep dreaming with our bodies!!!!!



Upcoming show with ARREBATO ENSEMBLE on June 20th!

It's more than a pleasure for me to invite you all to share a beautiful night of Flamencura and fun on June the 20th. I will be performing with the incredible 'Arrebato Ensemble' again, at 505 Venue and you are more than welcome to join us on a night of art. We'll be performing some new pieces and will share the stage with a very special artist friend: Rafael Alcolea!

Tickets and general info here:

Lets keep dreaming with our bodies!


Chachy Penalver

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Chachy Penalver Flamenco



2015 first break!

Hi everyone! Just a little reminder of our current break from May, Monday the 4th to Friday the 8th! I hope you all enjoy this resting week and come recharged and thirsty of this beautiful art we share together!

We are coming back to classes on May, Monday the 11th in our regular time table!



Also, Remember Manuel Betanzos' workshops are coming to Sydney in June!!!
Manuel is one of those teachers who seeks and squeezes all potencial he sees. Even taking just one level is beneficial and whoever has been there with me before knows what I am talking about! Lets improve! Lets get better! Lets have fun!!!

For more info about workshops details and payment, visit:

PS: Andres Peñas' Workshops have been moved to December so there will be enough time between these 2 events.