What to wear on my first day of classes?

It is not necessary to use flamenco gear for day 1. 

DAY 1  (when you don't have Flamenco clothing)

  • Wear any stretchy top and bottom (any dance/sport piece is fine). This allows body lines and posture to be seen.
  • Use comfortable low heel and closed shoes in case you do not have flamenco ones (The studio has a couple of spare shoes you can borrow for day one if they fit you).
  • You can wear an ample skirt.

We recommend that you first try a class since Flamenco gear is expensive and we want you to take a conscious decision. 

We have arrangements with local and international brands like 'Senovilla' shoes, 'El Agua Flamenco' and @Floracitaby which provide us with all you need to dress up properly for your classes.