Our payments are organised monthly depending on the amount  of hours students choose to purchase. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter to get specific fees by month and updates about shows, workshops and activities, please send us your contact details to: chachy@thesydneyflamencostudio.com.au


You can organise payments in cash or via bank transfers/deposits to our studio bank account. Just contact us for details. 


Transfer/deposits’ receipts are required by email or text after your purchases, including your full personal details.


Casual Class
1 hour 33$

Private Class
1,5 hours 110$



June to Sept 2019

By Month

Hours per
(4 weeks)*
(5 weeks)
(4 weeks)*
(4 weeks)
Bundle Discount
10% off
1 AUD 115 AUD 144 AUD 115 AUD 115 AUD 440
1,5 AUD 168 AUD 210 AUD 168 AUD 168 AUD 643
2 AUD 229 AUD 286 AUD 229 AUD 229 AUD 876
2,5 AUD 273 AUD 341 AUD 273 AUD 273 AUD 1044
3 AUD 304 AUD 380 AUD 304 AUD 304 AUD 1163
Unlimited AUD 337 AUD 413 AUD 337 AUD 337 AUD 1282

About upcoming breaks

*Due to Chachy’s performance commitments there will be no classes on Friday, May 31st , August 2nd and 30th.

*Due to Manuel Betanzos WKSHPS at the studio, there will be no Technique class, Intermediate I and Beginner I on Thursday June 6th.

A whole make up classes plan will be emailed to our regular students. Also, you can find and download the make up classes plan by clicking the button below