Our little home is now up and running and most importantly alive with the sound of our zapateado!! We are two weeks into class and we are already going full-steam ahead with everyone finding their flamenco groove! 

To make us even stronger, in collaboration with The Sydney Flamenco Studio, Manuel Betanzos is back in Sydney this May to sharpen and refine our art and submerge us into his world - a world full of Andalusian flamenco feeling!!

Manuel will be a major influence in your flamenco development with growth and understanding evident in class after one or more of his workshops. We have proof of this each and every year when you guys are back in your regular classes with a new spring to your step and that extra bit of flamenco magic.

I'm already planning catch-up classes if the majority of our groups participate in the workshops which means that we will have ample time to put our new found knowledge to the test! 

Don't miss out on the Early Bird specials which are available till May 8 via the button below.

Come on mi gente bella! Join me and the rest of our school in this amazing adventure and let's keep dreaming with our bodies!

Manuel Betanzos Australian Tour 2016