At The Sydney Flamenco Studio, we know that we would not be here without all of your support - the support of our unconditional flamenco family! As a little token of appreciation we would like to invite you to take part in a 2 day workshop in September.

The workshop will be imparted by Elena Salerno, a WAAPA (Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts) dance alum who is currently majoring in ballet but focusing on flamenco as her specialty. Her main focus in dance and what she will be highlighting in the workshop, is how to use her strong ballet base and technique to assist in her flamenco work. This is VERY beneficial to us as we not only dance flamenco....we dance!!! 

Focus of the workshop:

  • body lines, 
  • posture, 
  • dance travel 
  • arms and more

General Info:

  • Classes will take place by show of interest over 2 consecutive Fridays 
    • 16 & 23 of September.
  • Expression of interest
    • pop your name on the list at the tea table
  • Get in quick! Remember we can only have 16 people per class