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Karen Fellenberg 


Karen's childhood was full of dance and music thanks to her mothers career as a dancer and she has been involved with various disciplines from an early age with a strong emphasis on ballet which she followed through till her mid teens both in Chile and Australia. After finding flamenco in Chile at Artidanza dance school, Karen continued to grow within the discipline in Australia at the Los Carmonas Flamenco Academy and then with Chachy Penalver and went from strength to strength by undertaking intense workshops with international artists of calibre such as Antonio Vargas, Tomas Arroquero, Paloma Gomez, Manuel Betanzos and Andres Pena.  

Michelle Cervonaro


Michelle started dancing at a young age, studying jazz, tap, ballet and street dance styles. Michelle’s initial training in flamenco was in Sydney 2001 , where she took classes and performed at Diana Reyes Flamenco Studio. She has been able to further her training by taking classes and workshopsin both Australia and overseas (Granada, Madrid, London & Budapest) with a variety of artists,including: Mercedes Ruiz,Pilar Fajarrdo, Maria Keck, Chachy Penalver, Ana Romero, Javier Martos, Andres Pena, Alfonso Losa and Pol Vaquero.


Both overseas and back home in Sydney, Michelle has been able to furtherher performance and teaching experience, teaching children and adult classes at FeetBeatdance in Budapest and at Bambino Balletin Sydney. Michelle has  performedin Sydney and abroad in various flamenco performance groups (Alma Flamenco, Brisa Del Aire and Piere Martinez Flamenco), festivals, events and tablao residencies. She has also been able to extend her dance teaching to community groups, creating and teaching dance programs for disadvantaged children.

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