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by The Sydney Flamenco Studio


'Between what I see and what I say,

between what I say and what I keep silent,

between what I keep silent and what I dream,

between what I dream and what I forget...'   (Octavio Paz)


TSFS is celebrating the incredible 'Dance' ability to touch the body of ideas, allowing us to say without words what in many ways we need or simply want to keep silent. From the sometimes indefectible bitterness of the nature of life to the simple secret pleasures.

'Dance' as poetry speaks of what hasn't been said and as soon as it gets revealed on stage it is gone, becoming again silence... becoming again unsaid...



This show will be featuring The Sydney Flamenco Studio students accompanied by Greg Alfonzetti (Guitar), Damian DeBoos (Cello), Byron Mark (Percussion), Zoe Velez (Singing) and very special guests Roshanne Wijeyeratne (ADELAIDE) and Felipe Kunze (SYDNEY). 







The Sydney Flamenco Studio provides performances for public, private and corporate events.