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CHACHY performances 2019


Sun 28th July – Sydney (Camelot Lounge)

Fri 2nd Aug – Wollongong (Wollongong Town Hall)

Sat 3rd Aug – Canberra (Smiths Alternative)

Fri 30th Aug – Narrabri (Friends of the Crossing Theatre)

Sat 31st Aug – Gunnudah

Sun 1st Sep – Narrabri (Nosh Food Festival)

Sun 6th Oct – Coffs Harbour

Fri 11th Oct – Dubbo (Dubbo Regional Theatre)

Fri 18th Oct – Tamworth

Sat 19th Oct – Grafton

Sat 26th Oct – Muswelbrook (Upper Hunter Conservatorium)

IDA Y VUELTA SHOW with Alma Flamenca ADL Company

Wed 20th Oct - The Hawkes Bay Arts Festival, New Zealand.



In life as in ART, to continue is an act which at moments is propelled only by one fuel: WILL POWER.  In moments of great bitterness, pain and almost hopelessness, I have seen humans get back on their feet and push through, reinventing themselves and lastly moving forward … clung to their hearts hopes, to their dreams, to all that intangible world that for many is the real proof of HUMANITY.

I have lived this art form as a huge window to a countless number of wonderful beings who have defined what I consider ‘Human Nature’. Beings that day after day, get back up on their feet after difficult falls, unsettling situations, and even through that they say Sí! to this feat that is living. To these people I dedicate this show: to these incredible creatures that, in this complicated tangible world, make the intangible their biggest engine and say Sí! to the madness of seeking Happiness, with the determination that there are no other options out there.


This show will be featuring The Sydney Flamenco Studio students accompanied by Greg Alfonzetti (Guitar), Damian DeBoos (Cello), Byron Mark (Percussion) and Zoe Velez (Singing).



  • You can collect your physical ticket at NIDA THEATRES Box office on the show day (May 18th), presenting this order confirmation of your purchase (printed or on your phone). Please allow at least 30 minutes before the show.

  • Please be aware that online ticket sales will not have the option of selecting your seat. Only tickets purchased at The Sydney Flamenco Studio or through our students will allow seating selection.

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