The Sydney Flamenco Studio  is a professional flamenco dance school founded by Chachy Peñalver. Based in Sydney, the studio teaches all levels and ages following Flamenco traditions as main pillars, but also incorporating a contemporary approach, giving a fresher, more dynamic and modern feel.


Technique and interpretation training are both considered essential within our class program so students can get the best from their experience and develop strong skills. Our choreographies are created to be exhibited on a live show so as to give our students the opportunity to perform.


As part of its training and shows series, The Sydney Flamenco Studio annually partners with renown international and local flamenco dancers and musicians to host workshops and live performances available to the community.


The Studio works across the whole year stopping only for a few weeks at a time depending on Chachy Peñalver’s dance commitments such as performances and workshops. All these breaks are incorporated into the studios calendar and are announced in advance to all students so they can plan ahead.